Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here's one for the brain

You may have read this one before. It is a superbly put argument creative enough for you to wonder, just for a moment, that perhaps there is some truth in it.

A herd of buffalo is said to move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when they are hunted, it is the slowest and the weakest that are killed first. This natural "trimming" infact benefits the herd, as the slower members gets eliminated, the overall speed of the herd increase.

In much the same way, the human brain can operate only as fast as the slowest brain cells through which the electrical signals pass.

It is also known that excessive intake of alcohol kills off brain cells, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. Therefore, regular consumption of spirits helps eliminate the weaker brain cells, constantly making the brain a faster and more efficient.

I can't think of any better reason for having a cold one tonight. Let's see if my posts get smarter from tomorrow.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogging, Soccer, etc.

I wish I was able to blog more frequently. Not that I have a lot to write about. But the main issue seem to be time - or lack of it. But I cannot let the world-cup, the soccer kind, pass away without adding a paragraph or two on how has changed my life - to be more precise, my evenings.

I’ve played to odd game of soccer when growing up. Not by choice, but since it required only a ball – or something that looked like a ball that can be kicked without losing a toe-nail. The goal posts were almost always a couple of stones or bricks. But as we grew up, we watched soccer players like “Klinsmann” playing on the Telly. The slightest touch of an opposing player used to send them sprawling across the paddock – they were far from the tough nuts like Springboks or All-Blacks. I was having none of that – so my days of playing soccer faded away.

Just like it had happened for many others, Africa and the Vuvuzela attracted me to the sport back again this time. Suddenly I found myself coming home from work, sitting in front of the Telly completely riveted to it. There were even times I watched back to back games till early morning hours. I started to back Argentina and Germany. Although Argentina eventually got knocked-out, Germany is well and truly in with a chance. Today a friend of mine invited me to watch the final on a 30 foot screen at a popular sports club – I am seriously thinking of going.

My wife says it is midlife crisis.