Friday, November 7, 2014

Healthy living...

I just came out from a Health talk conducted by Dr. Lakmali Amarasiri. Did you know that when it comes to cooking (heating)...

1) Coconut oil is healthier than most vegetable oils.
2) Butter is healthier than margarine.

Food for thought!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Goal or Not?

Goal line technology was finally used in world cup football (or soccer, if you live in North America) a few days back and not a moment too soon either. I mean, I don’t understand why sports organizations are so backward about adopting anything that improves decision making. The argument about taking the game away from humans is silly. It is still played by humans isn’t it? As keen spectators, we just want to see both teams treated fairly and consistently.

But I still have one gripe. Couldn’t the football community have come up with something better than calling it “GoalControl”? Cricket came up with “HawkEye” which is way more cooler, surely football can do better?