Friday, April 25, 2008

Simple things in life

Food, especially the Sri Lankan kind, is amazingly addictive. Sri Lankans living in foreign countries will vouch for the truth in that statement. But where there’s a void – there’s an opportunity. The more enterprising individuals among us can and do make a killing out of importing exotic Sri Lankan goodies into countries like USA, Australia and UK where large Sri Lankan expatriate communities exist. But there’s nothing like getting some poor sod to bring you a parcel from your mother. Why, just the other day I learnt that someone I know had even sent a couple of Lumpri (fresh from the oven, with the Banana leaf and all) on a Sri Lankan flight from Colombo to Birmingham – what will they think of next?

This all reminds me of some favorite local food-brands combinations. These are flavors you’d never quite experience the moment you step out of the island.

* Elephant House Fountain Cafe hot dog
* Carnival ice cream
* Pilawoos chicken and cheese kottu (Did you know that the good ol’ Pila was featured on the Time mag? Strewth!)
* Kist tomato sauce (mind you not Ketchup)
* Harischandra coffee
* Fab Lumpri (with extra coconut oil… hmmmm Yum!)
* MD woodapple jam

Then there are the all time favorites – the generic kind.

* Isso vadai
* Chinese roll
* Roast paan
* Pol sambol
* Lime soda

Of course this is by no means an exhaustive list. Infact, I’d love to know what type of Sri Lankan delicacies tickle your taste-buds. So spill the beans by all means.


Sanesh Fernando said...

First of all Bimal let me tell you that you are going to Miss the Lump Rice Buffet we are going to have today for lunch @ Interblocks. :-)

The Elephant House HotDog is nothing compared to it’s previous Owner “Fountain Cafe” in Slave Island. I was very sad when Elephant House acquired ”Fountain CafĂ©” and closed it up. The Softness of the HotDog Bun and the Creaminess of the Special sauce they make is no more. Just the thought of it makes my mouth watered. It was those days that I gave Hot Dogs to Millennium IT staff, from “Fountain Cafe” for my First Salary Treat and for my Birthdays.

Remember the Allerics Ice Cream? When we were small, this was the market Leader among few others. They used to have Ice cream Vans going on each road with Lights all over the Van and with Music. We used to just run to the Gate drooping what ever we were doing to get a Cone of Ice Cream.

What about Milk Rice with Katta sambol or Abul Thiyal. Yum Yum Yum. When ever I go overseas and when returning, I still phone home and request to make Milk Rice for Breakfast.

Then do you remember the Monis Biscuits from Kaluthara? This Brand is there for generations and I guess now they call them selves “New Monis”. Like the famous “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, Monis too has their secret recipe for making Biscuits.

We are just talking about Food, but how many other topics we could talk about, the many things we like about living in Sri Lanka.

For all those of you reading my Comment from Overseas, YOU ARE MISSING THE BEST OF WHAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER. :-)

Bimal said...

Now why did you have to tell me about the IB buffet? Thanks a lot Sanesh!!! BTW, do they give lunch to visitors...y'know if someone happens to drop by on such a day? ;-)

When I said Elephant House, I meant Fountain Cafe hot dogs! Maybe I will edit the post to reflect that. Even way back then, I think Elephant House still owned and operated Fountain Cafe (it used to be where "Rohan's" is now). It certainly was a bad decision to close it down.

Allerics! OMG, how on earth did I forget that? There were no one else selling Ice Cream those days. Allerics had the monopoly- and they were simply de-lish too. I quite vividly remember their vans with all those long florescent lamps (better known as tube-lights).

Yes, milk rice with Katta sambal is an all time favorite. But for some reason I never liked Ambul-Thiyal (yes, go on… I deserve a smack on my head for that one).

Monis bikkies are fresh and tasty indeed. Somehow the whole Monis/New-Monis competition spoilt the fun of eating there. But I still do stop by for a bite whenever I pass that way.

I wrote only about food simply because the post would have been too long otherwise. Maybe it is worthwhile exploring other areas too… probably on a different post.

::dr:: said...

Talking abt generic kind.. i guess nothing can beat the combination of Rice with "Kiri kos" and "Karawala thel daala"

- Dilan

Bimal said...

Love Kiri Kos. As for Karawala, my favorite preparation is Katta Karawala Curry.

Las said...

MMMMM.... Makes my mouth water just reading these posts. How about those pastries (patis) from the Green Cabin? Are they still there? Yeah, Karawala curry ... can't beat that. Also parippu curry, karawala theldala,mallum and rice !!!!
Then buriyani from Buhari! Are they still there????

Bimal said...

Las : Yes, both Green cabin and Buhari are still there. But haven't been to either of those places in ages.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm researching some info on "Fountain Cafe". Anyone know how the name came about? I thought it was always part of Elephant House?

Bimal said...

Fountain Cafe was initially situated at the place where there is now a "Keells Super" (close to Union Bar & Grill). There was a prominant fountain at the entrance (I remember this very vividly as I have been there many times for christmas parties when I was a little lad). I guess that explains the name. I'm not sure whether Elephant House owned Fountain Cafe those days or whether it was bought over later on.