Monday, April 7, 2008

Google SPAM?

I heard so much about "Google Ads" thought I'd check it out. I registered myself using my Gmail account (being the obvious thing to do since they are both in the Google arena) a few days ago. I was informed that I would get a confirmation email within several days.

Several days came and went but no response... I thought maybe my humble blog just wasn't worthy of receiving the honor of hosting Google Ads and was quite seriously worried about losing out on millions of dollars of potential income through them. Quite accidentally I noticed there was an interesting email on my default Gmail SPAM folder.

Surely Gmail cannot be so pedantic as to prevent it's own Google Ads email (well, they are in the same Google family after all) from reaching my inbox?


Sanesh Fernando said...

Very Funny! :-)

Anyway, how much do you earn by blogging?

Bimal said...

So far, nothing - zip!

There have been several schemes like this in the past, but I haven’t heard of anyone getting any serious money from then.

Anyway, I thought I'd try it out. But will be very surprised if I receive any money. I guess you need at least several thousand hits per day to have some realistic chance of sizable number of visitors clicking on the ads.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Hee ha

This would please a friend of mine, whom we call the-sole-rebellion against the empire of google.

In fact it is just amazing how they'd flag their own mail as spam.

BTW, I got thru the adsense process w/o this issue and right now ads are there (and here I am :))

Thanks to few people who clicked on them on first sight, there are some US cents collected in my google account.

As for Sana's request, it is as much as the clicks on your ads by parties that google recognize as not your own people. i.e. they shud have diff web locations. A pal of mine went on clicking on his own ads and now he is barred from the google earning. So be careful. Ppl of your office and home shud not click.

Otherwise if they pay for just blogging, next day the blogspot disks will be filled and google will be bankrupted.

Sanesh Fernando said...

Check this out...

Type "Google adwords youtube" on gmail composer and hit the spell checker.

It would not highlight Google and adwords but youtube is highlighted.

So see, YouTube is also now a google product but they have forgotten to add to the Spelling Dictionary of theirs. :-)

Bimal said...


Just this morning I had five SPAM mails in my Gmail inbox telling me all about how to make "things" bigger and longer ;D

I hope my post didn't piss-off Google.

Kokila said...

Do let us know if you'd like us to click on the ads ;)

p/s- (already did, hope google isnt reading this)

Bimal said...

Thanks for the support. I'd love you guys to do it. I just didn't ask you guys to do so as such soliciting is prohibited by google ads rules :(