Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bring it on!

Cricket; it's a funny game. The only sport I can think of which involves at least a full day to complete one game. To most people that is way too long to be a spectator sport. But if you ask any Sri Lankan out there, they will tell you otherwise.

Being a full blooded Sri Lankan, I am no different. I stayed up till 3 am this morning, despite it being a weekday to witness the Sri Lankan team crush New Zealand to book a place in the final. Having won all their games so far in this tournament, the Aussies look favorites to take the other final spot over South Africa.

Although Sri Lankan team’s chances of wining the world cup will be a lot more if they get to play South Africa in the final, every Sri Lankan’s dream would be their team triumphing over the mighty Australians. For we are a sentimental lot – we love to reminisce our famous 1996 world cup win over Australia. And what a treat it would be to do it all over again.

Image courtesy of Cricinfo.comCome Saturday, drums will beat, trumpets will sound. And under the hot Caribbean Sun Sri Lankans will go head to head with a formidable opponent. We will have the local crowd behind us and I can almost hear them saying….

"Bring on the Aussies maan!"


Bimal said...

Well, we didn't win. But a great world cup effort nevertheless! Well done boys! Maybe next time eh?

Kokila said...

lets blame it on the rain ;)

Charith Welikala said...

r e s p e c t !

Bimal said...

Aaaaiiii !!!