Sunday, May 18, 2008

My perfect 10

I must admit, when Santhoshi said I was “tagged” my initial reaction was “huh?”. Then I checked out her blog and figured out what it all meant. So here goes…

1) Innocent smiles that my two girls give in their sleep
2) Chocolate biscuit-pudding (with extra dark chocolate)
3) Smell of freshly cut grass (don’t get excited, I meant grass as in what makes up your lawn)
4) A good Paulo Coelho or a Arthur C. Clarke novel
5) A close F1 race with Raikkonen, Lewis and Alonso battling it out in front.
6) Beach
7) A good night out in Colombo with Live music, Dancing and my closest friends
8) Italian food
9) Access to internet from anywhere
10) The thought that someday I will learn to play the guitar

It’s my turn to do the tagging now. I wish to tag…



santhoshi said...

Hey i love chocolate biscuit pudding too with extra chocolate....

Bimal said...

Yeah.. mouth watering.

Incidentally, Keells supermarkets sells a good chocolate biscuit pudding (I think the brand is Kandos).

Kokila said...

grass??? for a second you got me wondering! LOL!
good one Bimal, as always :)