Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brain Freeze

When Kelso did the Brain-Freeze thing on “That 70s Show”, it brought back memories of me trying to gulp down a cone of Allerics ice cream before the “Ice cream Van” left. Yes, those were the days, when any half decent ice cream was delivered to your doorstep on those famous Ice cream vans. And Allerics was the preferred brand those days. Of course the impending arrival of such a van can be heard miles away by its instantly recognizable tune – before you could say “where is the change”, all the neighborhood children flocked alongside the road with a few rupee coins clinched in their little palms.

Just the other day, I saw a familiar sight, a white and green coloured van, with a catchy tune playing and of course those unmistakable “tube-lights” on it’s roof… I started walking up to it almost as if I was in a trance. My heart was racing – could it be an Allerics comeback? Alas, No, it was “Elephant House”; the next best thing to Allerics I suppose. I captured the moment with my camera-phone. But strangely I was not in a mood for an ice-cream cone this time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bimal for bringing back on those good old memories... Those days Ice Cream is not freely available as it is now where you buy them from all the supermarkets.. and further more we cannot afford to buy liters of ice cream... and I remember my parents told us it is not hygienic to eat from the Ice Cream sellers on the only option was the "Ice Cream Vans"
- Dilan

Bimal said...

Dilan : Yes, quite true. Also, it was always a great site to see these Ice cream vans parked at Galle-Face in the evenings.

marlon said...

Hi Bimal,
I just happened to tumble upon your blog. Good stuff and nice writing. Keep it up pal.

Bimal said...

Thanks Marlon.