Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bag it!

It is pandemonium at the local supermarket. Eggs, Crisps, Fresh meat and Baby dipers all in the same bag. Customers cursing all the way from checkouts to their vehicles. They have stopped issuing free bags at the checkout. Either you are supposed to buy those plastic bags, or bring your own bags. The reason? – Another step towards protecting the environment. A good initiative I must admit, but they don’t seem to have planned the implementation that well. They could have issued quality paper bags instead of the plastic ones and avoided all the fuss.

Any comments?


Kokila said...

I was actually quite thrilled with the initiative. My grocery list includes a grand total of about four items so I guess I'm not adversely affected by it as you are.

Bimal said...

“Spoken” like a true bachelor! I also remember those days… but those days are long gone now!

santhoshi said...

I always forget to take the cloth bag so pay x tra for the bags. I am not doing my part for the love of trees yet :(.