Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An afternoon at the game

There were good points and bad.

Papare’ bands were out on force. And they were playing continuously too. Not like at school big-matches where they play for 10 minutes and break for 30. The hot-dogs were excellent and they were being cooked then and there. None of these finger-thin sausages, they were proper mega ones. There was plenty of chilled beer too. Both food and drinks were being brought right to your seats – brilliant.

On the bad side, there was only one brand of beer. And they came only in cans – the men with beer-backpacks were nowhere to be seen. And you were right Dilan, no dancing girls at all. Well, let me rephrase that – no organized dancing girls.

Oh, I almost forgot. As far as the cricket went, we got a real arse whipping hiding from the Indians. We looked like school boys - they were just playing with us.

As they say, a picture can paint a thousand words. So let this one taken from my phone cam sum-up the afternoon for you.


Anonymous said...

Ideal pic for the Independence Day.. National Flag and empty beer cans.. very patriotic.. he he..

Btw.. why did you buy hotdogs.. Indians gave enough parippu to all Sri Lankans during the match ney :)

- Dilan R

Bimal said...

Very true. And they still continue to give us Parippu. I'm sure it will be a white-wash.

I heard we will not have some of the senior players for the T20 match. Maybe we have a chance of winning then?