Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mobile phone

I need want to replace my well used Sony-Ericssons P1i. I have no clue as to what make/model to go for. But I know I need following functionality...

1) Reliable (bug free) features (clear phone calls, one touch speaker phone, keypad lock, calendar/scheduling and phonebook with outlook sync, alarm, 3MP or greater camera, radio)
2) Light-weight and perhaps not too large either; need to fit into a trouser pocket fairly discretely.
3) Preferable if touch screen (but then it must reliable and accurate)
4) Long battery life.
5) Good for heavy use.
6) Not insanely expensive.

Other ideal features to have would be the ability to repel water, resistant to people sitting on it and voice recognition software where I can compose and send sms purely via voice (without having to touch the keypad).


Kokila said...

I'm mobile tech illiterate hence unable to help you, I will say this though; you may have come up with the greatest invention/idea since the iPod. That whole voice recognition thing for SMS is ingenious! You should patent the idea!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

I am too bad with mobile technology, treasure the Siemens A60 which I had in IB days very much. That is like driving an EL numbered car.

When I was interested in finding a phone someone showed me a lovely Nokia, which I'd love to "gul-bump" on a lake [bouncing of flat stones on waterly surface]. It looked pretty good and had radio in it. He said some MPs and other what not, but it broke my heart as it had Radio on it. Nevertheless, it was even heart-breakingly cheaper ~8000/-.

Well, that was a month ago and he said some [A-Z][0-9]*[ie] whatever. Just remember the matching reg-exp by now.

I never bought it.

Ugh, this is the third cent's worth. Never buy cheap chinese models which give a free cow as well for just Rs 4000/-. They are high in radiation and explode sometimes.

Bimal said...

Kokila : I'm sure someone must have thought of that before. The other day I was trying to sms the "Morning Show" on YES FM while driving to work - yeah, I know,.. I am stupid that way. That is when I realized how useful that function would be.

Sujeewa : "Gul Bump"? LOL! Yeah, those Chinese MFs can fry an egg in an emergency. And I like to keep my mobile in my trouser pocket too :-(