Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cable Business

I've been with the same cable-TV provider for several years now. Despite others coming up (and also dying off) like mushrooms, I decided to stick with my provider through thick and thin. The reason being their superior customer support - in other words, they attended to any phone call within a couple of hours.

Unfortunately, during the last year, this has deteriorated like a new layer of asphalt on Galle Road. Now it takes a good 5 attempts to get through to their "hotline". And when you eventually do, you can guarantee that the first complaint never even get's through to their "technical staff". Infact, this is exactly what happened last week. When I didn't hear back from them 2 days into the complaint, I called back to remind them. Guess what, they could not even locate my previous complaint in their "system".

There is one silver lining though. Due to not having TV facilities, I missed out on the SL-AUS T20 on Friday. Biss!

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