Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Traffic cop breaking the law? Surely not!

It is a sad state when people who are supposed to enforce the law, breaks it themselves. This picture was taken by my good friend 'B' the other day in Colombo. Can you spot how many laws this cop had violated?


Anonymous said...

Next time try to capture the number plate as well.

- Dilan R

Suresh said...

The correct answer is 'none'. He's a cop & above the law!! The only person he's required to answer to is the local bigwig politician.

You should know that by now living in the banana isles!!

Bimal said...

I can spot 3 unlawful acts :

1) I believe police are not supposed to take civilians on their official vehicles.
2) His passenger is not wearing a helmet.
3) He is clearly not travelling on a specific lane. Seem to be weaving in and out of lanes as most motor-cyclists do in Colombo.

Kokila said...

I've seen a cop on the phone while on his bike. Dint have a camera with me. Did catch one guy sweeping a lottery ticket once though :)