Friday, December 9, 2011

“Internet Not Found”

Your alarm goes off. It’s 6.30am on a warm Tuesday morning. You know you have an early meeting to attend and hurry into the toilet clutching your blackberry in one hand. You sit on the throne, and start checking your email on your smartphone. Wow, no emails, you are relieved to see that. But wait, your colleague in USA should have gotten back to you on that proposal last night – today is the deadline. You immediately start typing a “reminder” email – must hurry before he goes to sleep. You press “send” but after a while you see “Sending failed” message. You try again, but in vain.

Cursing the mobile provider, you bring up your browser to catch up on your favorite news site. Strange, there seem to be a connectivity issue again. What’s going on? Let me try Google, surely that cannot be down? But wait, it doesn’t connect either. It must be this damn mobile service provider. You cannot waste any more time on this for now. You get dressed, gulp down a particularly strong cup of coffee and jump in your car.

You tune into your favorite radio station while driving to work. The morning news bulletin is unusually brief, almost as if no interesting news to report. But then one item catches your attention. There seem to be widespread complaints that most internet providers having technical problems this morning. “That explain it..” you mutter to yourself – “I hope it is not that undersea cable again”. What a disaster that was.

You arrive at work right at 8.15am. You have 15 minutes to check your email and a headline or two on the internet. But alas, your office internet provider seems to be suffering from the same issue. No connectivity to internet!

Suddenly you realize that a lot of people at work are giving each other nervous looks. Someone even mentioned that this connectivity problem is not just local; it seems to have affected other countries too. What? Can that happen? Surely not?


Sanjay Fernando said...

Interesting take on something that could well and truly happen. (e.g. Solar flares, Under sea cable getting ruptured etc)

I for one would be pleased that we can get back to a time when things were simpler, albeit for a few hours. I always wish we were back in the days when you don't wonder every 5 minutes where your phone is, whether your online or who's liked your latest comment on FB.

Naturally Im not someone who is half as active on these social networking sites as most people on average, liking every single comment, or becoming fans of pages.

Instead I prefer spending time with my friends, family in real life (or IRL as they now call it)

Upeksha said...

hmmm jobless then! simple as that!!!!

Bimal said...

@Sanjay: True,I would sincerely like as "Don't like" button on FB. Wouldn't that be neat?

@Upeksha: Yup. Might have to take up vegitable farming then,.. but then again there is this crate problem, no?