Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thanks Roman!

Some call him Roman. I never knew why he was called that and never felt the need to ask either. For the people out there who knows why, now is the time to state your comments to this post. We know him to be a professional graphic designer cum web developer. He is equally skilled in playing the guitar and a great singer too. All in all, a very pleasant and fun loving guy.

We shall miss him, for he will be bidding farewell to his friends and colleagues on his journey in sharpening is graphics skills. I am sure he will make a lasting impression on his new friends down-under.

Although hastily organized, we all met at a popular cricketing venue in the heart of Colombo on a Monday night. Usually the place attracts blokes who love to get sloshed after work. But this time members of the fairer sex were gracing the occasion and were willing to tolerate the barbaric drinking session on account of Roman - that itself speaks volumes of his likeability at the workplace.

There are always one or two who get one too many inside of them on such occasions - don't we all know that! Usually "flat-trick" takes this honor and he didn't disappoint this time either. We eventually managed to calm his nerves down. Hope he managed to ride his motor-bike back to his crib without much drama. Avoiding an earful from his missis, well that's another story.

Anyways, Roman - if you are reading this, hope this somewhat disastrous get-together didn't disappoint you too much. Although if it did, we will understand. As you rightfully said... "Let's keep in touch with Blogging". Thank you for the marvelous contribution at work and the endless tunes you played for us on numerous occasions. Next time you have a Foster's or a VB, keep in mind that we will be toasting to you too.

Have a great one mate!


Mangala said...

Hi Charith
Missed your farewell. Any way we understand that you can not be in Sri Lanka any more with all the issues.( U know what)

All the best. Hope we will not meet in Kompanna weediya

Nimnaz said...

Gonna miss u too much Roman!!Thanx for being my best buddy n may God bless u..KIT.

Cheers Nimnaz & Talal..

::dr:: said...

Sorry Charith I missed the great farewell party as I was engaged with some pre-planned urgent work. You are one of the best guitar players I have ever met. I was really impressed by your performance at the Ruwan’s farewell party. We will miss you a lot. Wish you all the very best in your future and hope you will keep in touch. And bring us some chocolate when you are back from Aus 



1. What were you doing at Kompanyaweediya with Mangala :o ?
2. Good work by Bimal on the blog. Hope to see more of this kind.

Faithbass said...

For the good times buddy! Au Revoir!


Charith said...

Ado Roma...I started laughing when I was reading the first paragraph of this bloody blog. Cos I'm the kulprit who registered and veryfied you as ROMAN. not forgetting the trip to Thalawakele, ROMAN was more popular among some blokes. Keep in touch, Clapton Jr.
I don't know if its correct to say may God be with you...but You will definitely be with GOD for sure. Cos U're one of a kind.
Try to get out of that Alcoholic life. Bless you

Charith Welikala said...

WOW...Im wordless guys and gals. Miss u all. Keep in touch!