Monday, January 26, 2009

...and of course, the Cricket!

Now that Indian cricket team is touring Sri Lanka, few of us at work thought it might be great to enjoy going to the game as opposed to sitting in front of the Telly. Mind you our intentions are to go to the game; not necessarily watch the game. Of course the first two games were ruled out due to the fact that they will be in Dambulla. Distance has nothing to do with it. Y’see Dhambulla stadium is built on land belonging to a temple (at least that’s the story according to my friend). Hence, no beer, no dancing girls, etc… so “where the fun in that?” we thought.

There is no point going to the last two games as by then there is a chance the series could be already decided (best of three and all). So that leaves us with the 3rd match which is to be played at Premadasa stadium (formerly Keththarama stadium) – isn’t it wonderful how politicians get to put their names on such landmarks? Sooner or later, even lamp posts might be known as somebody’s-lamp-post, etc.

I digress,…

Somehow, I ended up agreeing to keep an eye on when the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka (BCCSL – thank God for Acronyms!) will be putting ticket out for sale. The other day I telephoned their office in Colombo to find out details about the 3rd match and about the tickets. It turned out to be quite an experience.

(although these days the telephones don’t sound like that,.. but I think you all get my meaning)

BCCSL 1 : Hello! (An annoyed female voice)
Me : I’m calling to find out details of Indian tourna…
BCCSL 1 : (the sound of me getting abruptly transferred to an unknown party without a single word from the lady who answered earlier)
BCCSL 2 : Yes?
Me : (Taken back a bit by that “Yes?”),.. err… I was just transferred,… just wanted to find out about ticket sales for the Indian,…
BCCSL 2 : Which match?
Me : (Starting to get a bit annoyed for being abruptly interrupted for the second time) As I was about to explain,.. I’d like to go to the 3rd match…
BCCSL 2 : On 3rd!
Me : No, no,.. to the 3rd Match of the Indian series that will be played at Kethatharama.
BCCSL 2 : (Annoyed voice) 3rd Match is on the 3rd!
Me : Oh I’m sorry, so it’s on the 3rd … 3rd February I assume? Can I buy tickets to that?
BCCSL 2 : No they are not on sale yet.
Me : (after a long pause).. err, can I know when they will be on sale?
BCCSL 2 : We don’t know yet. Why don’t you call back on Monday? We should know then.
Me : Okay,..Can I know the ticket prices?
BCCSL 2 : Which area?
Me : I’m sorry I haven’t been to the stadium in a long time. Can you tell me what’s available?
BCCSL 2 : ,.. (and goes onto explain 5 different ticket rates and very vague description of the seating areas, for example, “Rs. 2000 for A and B Upper”).
Me : Thank you. Finally can you tell me where I can buy these tickets from?
BCCSL 2 : Our office. Come during office time.
Me : Can I know where your office is?
BCCSL 2 : ,.. near SSC.
Me : Is there any other way I can buy them? Perhaps online,.. I mean, on the internet? Y’see I don’t work in Colombo and it is very difficult for me to come to Colombo during office hours.
BCCSL 2 : I think they might be available through Bank of Ceylon but can’t say for sure.
Me : (Getting tired of trying to pry out information from this bloke),..Urrr.. hm,..okay, let me call you back on Monday.

I really don’t want to go through such a conversation again on Monday,.. even if it means not being able to enjoy beer and watch the dancing girls,.. oh yes, and the cricket too!


Kokila said...

Good gosh Bimal, I feel quite sorry for this dude who answered the phone! You seem to have ruined his perfect little day. I mean, who wouldn't know where BCCSL is and knowing ticket prices are a mandatory piece of knowledge for any Sri Lankan.
You seem to have put him through a great ordeal.

P.S. -
Just kidding! ;) hope you get the tickets.

Suresh said...

Weren't they saying something about canceling the dancing girls? Immoral etc etc.

Hope you get to go Bimal & don't forget your camera so we get to see what we don't see during the commercials on tv.

Bimal said...

Kokila, yeah... I think I interrupted his siesta too. One of my friends was kind enough to buy the ticket for me early this week.

Suresh, Would love to take the camera. But it might become a bit of a burden when I want to dance to the papare' beat! What? No dancing girls? Are you sure? Hmmmmm.... I wonder how much I can get for my ticket in the black market?

Upeksha said...


Bimal how was it??? ahh it was a bad match ya?? hope u enjoyed but ;o)

Bimal said...

Upeksha, my tickets are for the 3rd match which is scheduled to be played on 3rd Feb. Seeing as to how the first two went, the option in front of the Telly is increasingly becoming more desirable.

Upeksha said...

ooopsi :D

hmm ya... I have this skimming problem always I skip the month :D and just looking @ the date figure :D :D

Its was a heartbreaking match :( but we didn't wasted our pop corns and cokes :D for sure... 100% utilized

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Hi Bimz;

Godd one mate. A very good one.

Wanna see my little share on Ticketing issues of Premadasa Stadium?

Read Through the backdoor of Premadasa Stadium in my blog

In fact it was one hell of a jolly event.

For good or bad, I do not feel like watching a game these days. Not even on TV. It is not those days, isn't it? Lousy idiots, no cricketing sense, bowl wasters... errr not like good old days.

And in a hindsight I am getting old. Whoops...

Bimal said...

You are not wrong Sujeewa. I say "Bring back Kalu". Even Jayasuriya is not what he used to be. BTW, great post. Infact I was at that game. I left a comment on your post about it.